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Отправлено 29 Ноябрь 2010 - 10:28

As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I want to share a bit about the importance of gratitude in your daily life through what three of our clients have written about gratitude.

But first I wanted to give you a little background on what gratitude means to me. Gratitude is an important part of manifesting what you want. If you want trading success, envision it and be grateful for receiving it. It is so important that focus and gratitude have been added to the tasks of trading. The secret to oneness, happiness and increased personal power, is continual gratitude.
Ingrained Gratefulness (submitted by A.M., Canada)

Being grateful for your blessings in life is a strong part of the traditional Persian culture that goes back almost 3,000 years. I grew up in that culture in a family that encouraged observing our fortunes and blessings in life and feeling grateful for them. I was taught to see whatever I desired and didn’t have as an opportunity to work towards those goals and to be grateful for being given those challenges. I am saying these words in hindsight, though. The process was so ingrained in me since childhood that I never realized I was actively living it out until I recently took some of Dr. Tharp’s courses as part of my training in the Super Trader program. I started my gratitude journal last night because it not only felt right, but I also wanted to manifest this power to the fullest.

Long before Van’s courses, I had many opportunities to realize the power of gratitude. In one example, I had just moved to Toronto some years ago and was looking for a job. Someone asked me to write a one page summary of my achievements and qualifications. When I finished writing a few paragraphs, I felt really good about myself and that feeling stayed with me for quite some time.

I believe that we tend to forget how fortunate we are. Many forces contribute to forgetting our blessings. Here are just a few: the constant stream of advertisements encouraging us to acquire more or consume more, social norms, the standards of luxury living, and portraits of acceptable role models who have all achieved so many material things in a short span of time.

Having lived and traveled throughout Asia and the Middle East, I have been fortunate to see how little is needed to cheer up people who barely have enough to stay alive. We have more than we need, yet we tend to focus on why we don’t have more.

Give yourself the luxury of personal time and peace to reflect on yourself, your possessions, your talents, your opportunities and your relationships. Write down a few sentences of gratitude in a notebook. Even if you never go back and read what you have written, it will improve your attitude towards life and help you in whatever you choose to accomplish.
My Thanksgiving Story (submitted by F.R., Germany)

Over the past two years, I have had a five hour commute by car to work every Monday evening and then back home every Thursday.

I had to cram in the necessary meetings, alignments, and research activities of a workweek into the three days, which was sometimes a little exhausting. Then I jumped into my car on Thursday afternoons—just in time to get out of the city before the evening rush hour would extend my commute for another hour. I was often stressed.

And one day it struck me: Didn’t I do this voluntarily? On most of the days, wasn’t it really fun to work with and for these people? Wasn’t I grateful for the satisfaction and joy my customers and colleagues give me every week?

Maybe I was not being truly grateful for all that I had.

So I took this idea of Thanksgiving and twisted it a little: I decided to make every Thursday Thanksgiving Day. I make it a habit to use my commute home as an opportunity to celebrate gratitude in a small but conscious way (e.g., stopping at a gas station to have a «Thanksgiving chocolate-bar dinner» or stopping for five minutes to watch the sunset). It may not be Christmas every day, but who has ever said that we cannot celebrate Thanksgiving every Thursday?
The Gift of Gratitude (submitted by E. D., South Africa)

The rich omnipresent goodness of people and the universe was on display over the last few days in an understated, energy-filled building in Cary, NC.

Close friendships and even closer connections were made and taken way to far places to be nurtured and distributed there for others to enjoy.

Love for oneself and for the current co-inhabitants of our universe is a special feeling that cannot be contained. It is abundance. Its spilling over is the joy that we have and crave. Expressing this gratitude is a gift.

I go into this festive season certain that gratitude in its purest form will permeate our various societies. A special thanks to my co-attendees for making this such a meaningful and life-changing experience.

Thank you Van and all your beautiful staff for facilitating the process and for the joy I now possess.

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